Success Story
Bill Zuberbuhler gave 27 years to the U.S. Navy.  He retired as a Captain and the Deputy Oceanographer of the Navy. He reached such heights in his Naval career because he gave his all to anything that God gave him to do. 

He always had a passion for education and very much enjoyed helping young Navy recruits to develop their careers through education. So, it was no surprise that after serving his country, he would spend his time building an educational company.  His vision for Triumph (TCA, LLC) was to reach millions of students and assist them along their road to college. 

Bill was also a deeply Christian man.  His greatest devotions were to the Divine Mercy and daily Mass. Bill died in December 2014. He achieved his goals for Triumph.  His family now carries on his vision of education.

We started in 1988 as a software company in the Sililcon Valley.  Our mission was to produce college entrance test prep that would help high school students who couldn't afford the live expensive courses.  We built a software solution, the Triumph College Prep Platform, that analyzed a student's performance on a real SAT or ACT test and gave the student a skills report that acted as  a roadmap for success. 

We then started selling this software to high schools so that we could reach the students who were unable to attend the expensive live courses. This proved very successful and we quickly became known as the school-based solution for college entrance test prep.  Since our humble beginings we've helped millions of students.  We even partnered with two states to provide preparation to all of their students. 

Today we also help other internet entrepreneurs grow their revenue and their dreams.  We draw on our years of experience running a business in a super challenging market with large competitors who copied our every move.  We withstood economic downturns and our own errors as we learned how to run and grow a business exponentially in the new internet economy.

We've stayed a tight family-owned business on purpose. In 2000 after achieving great success, we were acquired by a much larger ed-tech company.  But, we missed being the company we had created and so we soon bought ourselves back. We enjoy working together and we just enjoy being internet entrepreneurs.

So, this is what we bring to the table.  We're a small successful company who has sold thousands of high-ticket online course and coaching programs.  We can help you if you're just getting started or if you're ready to scale.  We look forward to working with you.
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