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About Us

We are a lean family-owned business and a good example of the American success story.  We got our start 33 years ago developing software in the Silicon Valley. In the mid-90s we became internet pioneers when we released the first 
online test prep. We continued to innovate and helped many businesses move online and or develop cutting edge web & mobile apps. 

Today we're focused on showing entrepreneurs how to achieve similar success.  

 Our offices are in beautiful Miami Lakes, Florida, but we also work from a number of locations throughout the United States and the Americas.  We became semi-virtual long before it was a thing.

We Help Startups & Established Small Businesses Grow

Learn from us how to create a perfect offer, get attention on that offer without a social media following, and then give an exceptional experience to your customers. 

Our Full-Stack Consulting is infused with the knowledge we've gained over the past 3 decades developing and supporting innovative tech products and services that have impacted millions of of our clients nationwide and around the world. 

Since we launched the internet's first test prep web app in 1996, we've learned how
to develop and deliver unparalleled customer experience via a super simple business model using remote tech and customer care teams.

 No matter what the industry, marketing trend, or economic environment, certain basic principles are always true about growing 
and running a business successfully. 

Let us show you the clearest path forward to getting to where you want to go with your business.

Our Original Products Have Helped Millions Of Students

Since its founding in 1988, Triumph Education has provided the very best in school-based educational materials.  It's poised to continue innovation in test prep products for use in the classroom. It's flagship product is the Triumph College Prep Platform. It's a school-based, comprehensive, online solution for ACT, SAT, and PSAT prep. Triumph has partnered with more than 5,000 high schools and helped 2.5 million students prepare for college.

In Memory Of Our Inspirational Founder

Bill Zuberbuhler gave 27 years to the U.S. Navy. He retired as Deputy Oceanographer of the Navy in 1991. He reached such heights in his Naval career because he gave his all to anything that God gave him to do. 

He always had a passion for education and very much enjoyed helping young Navy recruits to develop their careers through education. So, it was no surprise that after serving his country, he would spend his time building an educational company. His vision for Triumph was to reach millions of students and assist them along their road to college. 

Bill was also a deeply Christian man. His greatest devotions were to the Divine Mercy and daily Mass. Bill died 19 December 2014. He achieved his goals for Triumph. His family now carries on his vision for the company, while also helping others who have the same dream of achieving what he did in business.   
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