We're a small family-owned business. We have very talented and hard working family members, 
but that doesn't mean we don't need help.

We're Hiring

Open positions will have the word "Hiring" in green, just below the title. All other positions show that we're "Accepting Resumes" as we never know exactly when a position may open. Send us your resume and we'll reach out to you when the position you're interested in becomes available. 

All positions are for work as an independent contractor.


We are recruiting appointment setters. We do appointment setting with DMs, email, and calls. Setters choose their desired means of outreach.

Compensation: Our Setters earn a minimum of $500 commission on all closed sales. We provide a monthly base pay commensurate with performance after the first 30 days during which you book a minimum of 3 calls that convert to sales. The average base pay for setters is $1K per month. Bonuses for achieving set targets are paid out monthly.


We are recruiting sales closers. Sales calls are done using Google Meet. We use a script that we allow our closers to modify for personalization.

Compensation: Our Closers earn a minimum of 40% commission on all closed sales. We provide a monthly base pay commensurate with performance after the first 30 days during which you close a minimum of 3 sales. The average base pay for closers is $2K per month. Bonuses for achieving set targets are paid out monthly.

Customer Care

Accepting Resumes
Our Customer Care Team works directly with our customers to make sure they are more than satisfied with our products and services. If you have a passion for working with people than this may be a good fit for you.

Coaches & Trainers

Our Coaches and Trainers provide unparalleled experiences for our clients. If you enjoy delivering an intensive program in a one-on-one situation or to large/small groups then contact us. 

Compensation: Coaches and Trainers are paid a fee per program delivered. The average fee is $500.


Accepting Resumes
We form small engineering teams for development of web and mobile applications. We work in a wide variety of languages building applications for multiple markets.

Admin & Support

Accepting Resumes
Do you have a passion for detail and follow-up. If so, than you may have the acumen for delivering real results as part of our Admin & Support Team.

Remote Work Requirements

Though we've always had offices, we stopped working from our main office in 2009. We now work from home and the main office is mostly where we just pick up the mail and make copies not coffee. We require all of our independent contractors to work remotely like us. Everyone must have access to high-speed internet. If you can run a Google Meet with a clear picture and audio then your internet is sufficient.  We also require that you have a laptop and cell phone. That's it...Oh, and work when you want and from where you want.

Application For Working With Us As An Independent Contractor

Please answer the following questions and submit your answers. If you meet our qualifications you'll be immediately directed to a scheduling page for setting up your interview.

More About Us

We are a little company that has done big things and has touched millions of lives by helping people achieve their goals. We're family-owned and a good example of the American success story. We got our start in 1988 developing software in the Silicon Valley. In the mid-90s we became internet pioneers when we developed the first online test analysis. We developed online courses and offered intensive coaching programs. 

Triumph operates in the e-learning, tech dev, marketing, and consulting spaces. Our products and services range in price from $5K to $100K+. After successfully growing a number of businesses, we're now offering a new coaching program to help people start and grow their businesses as we've grown ours. We're always looking for new ways to serve people and new products or services to offer.
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